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Trailer Online For Howl’s Moving Castle

Sunday, November 30th, 2003 | tagged anime: has posted a teaser trailer for the next Miyazaki film, Howl’s Moving Castle. The 21 second trailer is listed here.

Missing Haibane Renmei Pencil Boards

Wednesday, November 26th, 2003 | tagged anime:

For those of you that purchased Haibane Renmei DVD 2 and are missing your pencil board, check this out: To consumers and anime fans who’ve purchased Haibane Renmei Vol.2 DVD- “Wings of Sorrow” and were missing the limited edition mini-pencil board: Thanks for your patience while we investigated this matter. We’d contacted the replicator that […]

Anime In The Oscars

Wednesday, November 12th, 2003 | tagged anime:

According to the Hollywood Reporter via Anime News Network, Millennium Actress, Pokemon Heroes and Patlabor WXIII have been submitted to the Oscars. Dreamworks is actually forgoing their original animation Sinbad to push Millenium Actress for a nomination. In order for an award to be given, there must be eight nominees. All shows have been submitted […]

Four New Geneon Acquisitions from Vegas Comic Con

Sunday, November 2nd, 2003 | tagged anime:

Geneon announced the following four acquisitions at Las Vegas Comic Con: Gad Guard (26 episodes) late summer/early fall 2004 Hajime No Ippo (75 episodes) mid 2004 Ikki-Tosen (13 episodes) late summer 2004 Demon Lord Dante (13 episodes) This is great news for anime fans and even better news for us Ippo fans! Source: Anime On […]