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Justin “Shust One” Harkey
Webmaster, Anime Watcher, PH.D, MD
shustone [at] anime-revolution [dot] info

Shust One

Justin is an avid anime fan who enjoys writing about himself in the third person. Born in 1984, he is 22 years of age and currently single. This is not because he is fat. Justin is not fat at all, seriously. He bikes like crazy, for real. Justin’s heritage comes from Guam, a small island in the Pacific near Japan, which you have never heard of. Guam that is, not Japan. If you watch anime and have not heard of Japan, than you are seriously at the wrong page.

In his free time, Justin enjoys watching anime, hence, the anime website. He also enjoys biking like crazy, which has already been listed here. Pay more attention next time. He also enjoys not updating his website. Justin is what the professional world calls a “lazy mofo”. That’s a medical term for “lazy mother effer”.

Justin dislikes unrealistic anime fans. If your wish is to move to Japan and become an anime director or writer or character designer, you are unrealistic and Justin doesn’t like you. Seriously, that shit will never happen. You can’t just go to some other country and become instantly cool and successful just because you know how to say “sugoi” and “kawaii”. Also, if you use either of those words in a non-joking way, Justin hates you. Exceptions to all this hate are real Japanese. You are free to use those words whenever you want.

Back to what Justin was saying about Japan and stuff. You can’t go there and do that stuff. Ask yourself this: Can I do any of that in the United States. If you answered honestly (it was “no”), than you should realize that there is no chance in any other country either. Sorry dudes, didn’t mean to crush your Super Sayian spirits.

Sorry for the rant. Justin says to tell you that he does like most anime fans though. Anime fans can be a great set of people if they want to be.

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Old Staffers

Dan Hassan
Staff Writer (of one article)

This jerk used to write articles for me. Actually, he wrote one article about Air Master that was refreshingly honest and funny. He always made me laugh while hanging out at the Anime Revolution offices. He had the coolest water-cooler stories. If you ever see Dan around, ask him about that time we took Chris’s computer and hid it in the fish tank.

Chris “Chris The Stampede” Yabrough
Reviews Editor (of many articles)

I met this douchebag the same time I met Dan. He used to edit many of my reviews. Chris is the reason why some reviews suck less than others. Most of my reviews still suck though. I fired this guy because he always thought it was fun to work in my personal office when I was out on a trip somewhere. That’s right Chris, you didn’t know about the camera disguised as my stapler did you?

Irina March
Staff Writer

Irina contributed many things to this website. She wrote various news articles in 2002 and several anime reviews as well. She is also responsible for the entire Serial Experiments Lain sections. Irina disappeared off the face of the Earth sometime in 2004, so I don’t know where she is. Thanks though!

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