Cowboy Bebop Character Profiles

Spike Spiegel

In Medieval times, heroes rode horses and fought with swords. In the year 2071, heroes ride Swordfish II and fight with bare-knuckle fists and handguns. Our hero, Spike Spiegel, belongs to the latter and shows us just how much work it takes to become a household name. Long days, all-nighters, and the possibility of starvation all lie ahead on the road to greatness. Read on to find out what makes young Spike tick and how he fights hunger long enough to carve his name across the universe.

Spike belongs to a human genre known as “Cowboys”. In the year 2071, the word “cowboy” defines a person that hunts others in search of reward: A bounty hunter. Spike is the best of the best and is known for his relentless pursuit and carnage. Any person with a price on their head fears being caught, or even pursued by the infamous Spike Spiegel.

This reputation of Spike’s comes at no easy price. Everyday he trains for hours at a time, keeping his body in the best condition possible. He is undefeated in hand to hand combat and even has time to throw in a witty remark from time to time. When it comes to weapons melee, Spike has precise aiming and timing, making him lethal in any situation. As a pilot, Spike has the knowledge of an ace pilot and the power of the Swordfish II at his disposal. The Swordfish II is a retrofitted racing model, giving Spike the speed of a racer with the offense of any ship in the galaxy. Spike’s personality is reflected in the swordfish; recklessness, speed, and combat ability.

“Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.” These are wise words given by a wise man. Spike, however, follows Ford’s philosophy of “History is bunk”. Spike’s history is far from bunk, yet he not only ignores it, but pushes it deep within his soul, keeping it from others. All the viewers gather is that Vicious used to be his comrade, Julia is his possible love interest, and memories of his past haunt him in his sleep.

Faye Valentine

Faye Valentine is the bold and beautiful bounty huntress of the Bebop clan. Reckless and wild, Faye is not one to be provoked. She has a sexy demeanor and a knack for pursuit. But under this facade lies something darker, something that even Faye isn’t sure of: Her past. Although Faye appears to be in her mid twenties, she may indeed be near her mid seventies. She was the victim of an accident and was preserved through the process of cryogenic freezing. After her awakening, Faye fled the hospital ,unable to pay the massive medical fees. Tricked by a doctor, pursued by creditors, and confused about who she really is, our young Faye must confront her past and embrace the few memories she has.

Faye makes up for her naivety by acting reckless and wild. She never tells the Bebop crew where she is or when she will be returning. The few bounties she catches are usually gambled away in a few days, or go towards repairing whatever she destroyed while in pursuit. Faye is addicted to gambling and never knows when to quit. Her ship can be flown by remote and is often seen flying through windows or blowing things up. Whenever Faye is in a tricky situation, she never fails to make her own exit.

Faye uses this behavior in an attempt to cover her feelings. She is not one to deal with emotions directly, but rather she hides them deep within her soul. This method is extremely unhealthy for the mind because these feelings eventually resurface and have snowballed into something bigger. This behavior is shown when Jet and Spike find a tape of Faye’s childhood. She states that she does not care and leaves the room. Yet, as soon as the cassette begins to play, she is soon looking in from the hallway. Emotions race through her head and begin to leak out. This is the true Faye Valentine, although she only appears for a moment.

This is probably the biggest question on Faye’s mind. Where does she belong; With Spike and Jet on the Bebop, or searching the galaxy for answers about her past? Faye does not know the answer to this question and often leaves the Bebop in search of answers. Faye does know that she once lived on Earth, before the Gateway incident. Even if Faye does find all the answers she is looking for, will she be able to deal with them?

Jet Black

The first thing viewers notice about Jet is his modified left arm. Jet Black is a retired ISSP Special Forces agent. He is known as the “Black Dog” because once he gets his teeth on something, he never lets go. It was this reputation that cost Jet his left arm. During one of his missions, Jet ran into a convict accused of serial murder. Once he cornered the criminal, someone shined a spotlight on him. A shot was fired. Jet survived with his life, but lost his arm.

Aesthetically, Jet looks very large and cut. He is the second tallest in the Bebop clan and has the most muscle mass. Jet is a man of action and never hesitates. Luckily, Jet is more than mere muscle. Cunning and sophisticated, Jet’s age is accompanied by his knowledge. Being the oldest, Jet is also the wisest. Never rash and wild, he thinks things through, from start to finish. Jet is always the one doing experiments, testing, cooking, and thinking about the best way to catch the next bounty.

Because of Jet’s past work with the ISSP, Jet has many connections. Each of these connections has certain benefits, such as information or weapons. Information is the more important of the two, as Jet and Spike save time and resources by not having to pursue an unknown target. Much of the Bebop’s weaponry is retrofitted ISSP machinery. The Bebop itself is a retired fishing boat. Jet’s ship reflects his personality. Armed with one weapon, it looks seemingly simple, yet is capable of mass destruction.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky 4th

First off, it must be said that Edward is FEMALE, she is not a boy. She is both the youngest and newest member of the Bebop. One of the last of her kind, Ed is from Earth, but has recently migrated to Mars. She can not remember her mother and has only vague recollections of her father. While she was younger, Edward ran away from the monastery that her father had left her in. Around Mars, no one know what Ed looks like. Her hacking reputation has earned her the name “Radical Edward”. She has the intelligence to hack into ANY computer, whether it controls ships or holds data, and often causes much mayhem in the process.

With the exception of happiness, curiosity, and weirdness, Edward shows no emotion. This makes her extremely hard to analyze. We do know that she misses her father, and sometimes searches for him through her computer. She even found the Bebop that way. In essence, Ed may have found the Bebop in hopes of finding her father. A sort of indirect link to her heritage.

All of this could be one massive cover up, a facade that holds a story none of us ever know. With little character developement, Ed remains a happy, sometimes gelatin-like girl, until the end of the series.