Cowboy Bebop Episode Summaries

Asteroid Blues

A man named Asimov Solensan has a bounty of 2,500,000 woolong and Spike is broke so he decides to take it. Spike learns of Solensan’s location and heads out to TJ. He meets a woman associated with his bounty and quickly discovers that the two are heading towards Mars. Solensan has stolen “red-eye”, a new and illegal drug, and is trying to sell it on the black market. Spike is attacked by him, and steals one of his vials. Later, he pretends to be a buyer and confronts Solensan. What comes next is a pretty cool fight scene between the two.

Stray Dog Strut

8,000,000 woolong is the bounty placed on Abdul Hakim, a man wanted for the theft of a data dog from an unknown laboratory. Jet and Spike head out to Mars, and Spike mistakes a small time thief for Hakim. Due to constant plastic surgery, Hakim never looks the same and Spike isn’t sure who he is looking for. A gunshot in a pet shop reveals the true Hakim to Spike. The data dog, Ein, runs away and leads to Hakim chasing him. Spike chases Hakim, and they both end up going after Ein.

Honkey Tonk Women

Jet and Spike head out for some good vacation time and try to win some cash at a nearby casino. Faye Valentine, a card dealer who is more then meets the eye, mistakes Spike for someone else. She believes our hero is one of the key players in a big time crime deal. Faye falls into the hands of Jet and his Bebop and they find out that she is worth a whopping 6,000,000 woolong. They also find out that a casino chip turns out to be worth 30,000,000 woolong to a crime boss. In this session we get to see just how sharp Spike is, and just how cunning Ms. Valentine can be.

Gateway Shuffle

Spike and Jet set out to a restaurant where one of their bounties is located. They meet Twinkle Marie Murdock, leader of the Space Warriors, a environmentalist group set out to save the Ganymede Searat. The Space Warriors were peaceful protesters until Twinkle Marie took over. Now they are compared to terrorists. Twinkle has devised a virus named Monkey Business and plans to hold the entire planet of Ganymede as a hostage. Faye and Spike head out to cut them off in hyperspace and save the day. Man, the Sword Fish II can really move.

Ballad Of Fallen Angels

This is the episode where we all meet Vicious. We get just a few glimpses of this sadistic villain and even some background on Spike. We see Julia for the first time, although it’s just for a few seconds. There are a lot of flashbacks of guns firing, Vicious in bed with someone that looks to be Julia, and Spike and Vicious fight side by side, or as it were, back to back. This episode is very artsy and symbolic, therefore making it very hard to summarize. Definitely check it out though, because everything you thought you knew about Cowboy Bebop will be blown away.

Sympathy For The Devil

A talented child with the ability to play the blues catches the eye of Spike and Jet. Giraffe and Zebra are two friends turned rivals. After Giraffe’s death and Zebra’s capture, Spike finds out that there is more to the boy than he thought. Age hasn’t touched the boy’s body in over 60 years. A mysterious ring falls into Spike’s hands and he must use it to defeat the boy and return time to its proper place.

Heavy Metal Queen

V.T. is a space trucker that Spike meets while in search of his latest bounty, Decker. V.T. hates bounty hunters and finds out that Spike is worthy of her boot in his face. By coincidence V.T. runs into Decker as the head toward an abandoned space station. Decker crashes his ship and all his nitro becomes unstable. To make matters worse, the space station’s reactors are beginning to explode. Spike and Faye must use a delicate operation in order to make an escape route for them to leave through. V.T. lends a hand as we watch Spike do his “floating act”.

Waltz For Venus

Spike runs into a boy named Roco at a Venus airport. The boy asks for lessons in martial arts and mysteriously runs away from a group of men. Spike is left with a plant named Grey Ash that has the ability to cure Roco’s little sister, Stella. To make matters worse, Roco has a bounty on his head. Although Roco’s intentions are good, Spike must decide which is more important: The bounty or Stella.

Jamming With Edward

Mysterious land drawings begin to show up on Earth’s surface. ISSP reports indicate that a hacker must have compromised the security codes for an abandoned weather satellite. The Bebop team heads out in search of Radical Edward, a brilliant hacker with W 8,000,000 on his head. After some research, Edward finds out that the satellite drew the carvings because he was lonely. The Bebop clan heads over and downloads the processor for the reward. This is the first time viewers are introduced to Edward, the fourth and final member of the Bebop.

Ganymede Elegy

Jet and the Bebop crew head towards Ganymede to turn in a recently captured bounty. Jet’s emotions run wild as he ascends to his homeland where memories of his old girlfriend await him. Alisa was her name, and Jet heads over to La Fin to see her. There he meets Rhint and discovers that Alisa is his girlfriend. Debts and a recent recession force Alisa and Rhint into a tough situation. Jet must decide how to deal with Rhint’s bounty and the best way to subdue his emotions. Jet has now sorrow or regrets, but simply wants to know why Alisa left him seven years ago.

Toys In The Attic

Humans were meant to work and sweat to earn a living. Those that try to get rich quick or live at the expense of others, all get divine retribution along the line. That is the lesson. Survival of the fittest is the law of nature. We deceive or are deceived. Thus we flourish or we perish. That is the lesson. If you see a stranger, follow him.

Jupiter Jazz (Part I)

Vicious gets a Red Eye shipment deal on Callisto and heads out. Spike finds out about someone using the name Julia and leaves the Bebop in search of her. Lin, a former associate and employee of Spike, begins work with Vicious to set up a sell to a mysterious, saxophone player. Spike is accused of being Vicious and fights off a gang after his money. He then meets up with Vicious and Lin, confronting him about Julia and his syndicate. Faye gets intertwined when she stays the night at the saxophonist’s house.

Jupiter Jazz (Part II)

Grencia prepares for a face-off with Vicious, his old comrade-turned-nemesis. Jet heads out in search of Faye and his money and talks to an old bartender. He learns about Spike’s Julia and finds out that she was a “real woman”. Viewers get a look into Spike’s past and find that one of his eyes is different than the other. It sees the past, says Spike. Grencia confronts Vicious and blows up part of his ship. Spike and Vicious duke it out until Spike goes to help Grencia. It turns out that he knew the infamous Julia and that she always talked about Spike. Spike also rejoins the Bebop.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Crooks have been hacking into star gates and stealing all the money. 20 people were caught in the act. A virtual mail order website has a manual breaking down the process for anyone who wants to join. Spike figures it’s an insider. Jet gets a lead on a man named Chess Master Hex. Hex is an old employee of the Star Gate Corporations and did not want to release the gates yet. He was a genius and the youngest member of the faculty. Spike heads out to capture him, but finds an old man. Whatever trap he had set, he had forgotten and Spike just leaves him alone.

My Funny Valentine

Faye was cryogenically frozen for fifty years. She had some sort of injury, and this freezing was intended to keep her young until their technology could fix her. Only problem is, it’s costly. Her total debt? 3,281,000 woolong. Her lawyer, Whitney Hagus Magnamoto steps into to help her sort her debts. She doesn’t remember who she is, or what her name even is. She wants to know what happened to her. Whitney however, tricks her. He has huge debts, larger than Faye’s even. He stages a death and says he wants everything transfered to Faye. Little does she realize that debt is an asset. Three years later, she meets up with the doctor, nurse, and Whitney, all of whom were in on the act.

Black Dog Serenade

Jet fans rejoice! He meets up with Fat, his old partner from the ISSP Special Forces. He and Jet set out to track down Wudai Taxin. Jet and Wudai go way back. Wudai belonged to an illegal syndicate and Jet was in hot pursuit. There was a set up and a shot fired. When the smoke cleared, Jet has lost his left arm. Now, Jet wants his revenge. Only trouble is, Fat is hiding something. Something deep and dark, and Wudai is about to blow it open.

Mushroom Samba

Domino Walker is wanted for dealing with illegal mushrooms. After the Bebop clan accidentally digests some of these “bad” mushrooms, it’s up to Ed – The Cowgirl – to capture the bounty. She sets out for food and finds more than she had hoped. Another bounty hunter gets intertwined along with a man that wants revenge for his dead brother. Ein – The Cow Woof Woof – eliminates those two and leaves Ed to deal with the bounty. Finally, she confronts Domino. Only thing is, what does she take, the mushrooms or the bounty? Hopefully the clan likes Shitaki Mushrooms!

Speak Like A Child

Faye gets a mysterious package delivered to her but refuses to accept it because of her past. Jet ends up paying the shipping cost. They find out it’s a Beta cassette tape and head out. After some research and abuse, they find one in the underground City Museum in Old Asia. There’s a problem though, the one they got is VHS. Another package comes and it’s a Beta deck. They watch the cassette and find a young Faye! Viewers get a glimpse into her past, including what her home on Earth looked like. Faye is finally getting the answers she was looking for.

Wild Horses

Spike checks in with his old friend Duhan. He was the previous owner of the Swordfish II and was the one that retrofitted it into the machine it is today. Spike gets his ship overhauled and heads back to help the team catch their bounty. Hackers malfunction Faye’s ship along with the Bebop. Ed saves the remains as fast as she can. After they get back online, Spike and the rest of the team enter a skirmish with the hackers. The fight has left Spike’s ship without a computer and it looks like the end for him. Duham swings in with an “ancient relic” and hosts a rescue operation like no other.

Pierrot Le Fou

Spike encounters Mad Pierrot, a genetically altered killing machine. ISSP Special Forces Section 13 did genetic research and tried to create a super enhanced assassin. Their experiments caused the subject’s mind to regress and he was supposed to be locked away forever. Thanks to his new powers, he escaped and began hunting high officials. Anyone who sees his face is hunted until they are dead. Spike is invited to a party at Space Land where his final confrontation with Mad Pierrot is to be held. Bruised and bandaged, does Spike have what it takes to stop this insane assassin?

Boogie-Woogie Feng-Shui

Jet receives a message from a long lost acquaintance, Pao. He mysteriously dies the next day. Jet investigates and finds his daughter, Meifa. She is like her father and is heavy into Universal Feng Shui. They use this ancient art form to track down her father, whom they think is still living. He used to belong to a syndicate, and is currently being pursued by them. Using Feng Shui, Pao creates a force field in a hyper-gate and gives Jet and Meifa clues as to how to get there. After a brief battle and more mystery, Jet locates Pao and reunites father and daughter, though only for a moment.

Cowboy Funk

Spike is headed after Teddy Bomber, his newest bounty. He learns that he and Andy, another bounty hunter, are the most notorious Cowboys in the universe. After Andy mistakes Spike to be the Teddy Bomber, they both get into an argument and fight. Throughout this entire episode, they ignore the Teddy Bomber and argue with each other. They are very similiar, so they are very competitve. This is the funniest episode in the entire Bebop series.