Cowboy Bebop Glossary

Red Eye – Session One
A drug that speeds up the body and slows down the mind so everything around you comes to a halt. Reflexes are pushed to the limit and the user has the ability to dodge bullets. This drug is sprayed onto the eye and is extremely addicting. After extended use, the user becomes mentally unstable.

Data Dog – Session Two
A laboratory dog that has illegal tests conducted on him. Ein is a data dog, and whatever lab he came from conducted experiments to make him smarter.

Welsh Corgi – Session Two
A type of dog that looks similar to a Weiner dog. Welsh Corgis have stubby legs, big ears, a short tail, and are 100% mongrel. This type of dog would sell for a mere 2 woolong. Ein is a Welsh Corgi.

Casino Chip – Session Three
A form of currency used in casinos to place bets in card games. These chips are then exchanged for their full value at the end of a gambler’s day.

Chip – Session Three
No, not the things you see in Nachos. This is a computer chip, more specifically, the chip found in session three. It contains the encryption data for a program that can hack into any security system in existence. The program is encrypted as well, so this chip is “the key to the key” as Jet puts it.

Ganymede Searat – Session Four
A type of sea animal that was recently put on the endangered species list. Searats are very smart and resilient animals, incapable of harm towards humans. Some restaurants are charging exurbanite prices for anyone to eat them. Environmental groups are alarmed by this and cause much commotion for police.

Katana Sword – Session Five
This is Vicious’ weapon of choice. It is a long curved sword at least three feet from handle to tip. This sword allows the user to be very agile, while not hindering his striking ability in the process. The better its user, the deadlier the sword.

Coordinate System – Session Six
A result from an exploded hyper gate and twists in the time-space continuum. This system created a single faceted stone and has the ability to stop a human from aging.

Enhanced Nitro – Session Seven
An illegal explosive made from a form of Nitro glycerin. Two fluids mix together causing it to become unstable and explode. The capsules and containers that hold this nitro are extremely unstable and sensitive to touch.

Grey Ash – Session Eight
A beautiful yet mysterious alpine plant that grows only on Venus. These plants are extremely hard to grow and are worth around 10 million woolongs each. Sometimes, these plants release their pollen from their high altitudes, making it look like it is snowing. A small percentage of Venus’ population is allergic to this pollen, which can sometimes cause blindness.

Elegy – Session Ten
A poem or reading of reflection usually on the life or death of a person. Most commonly a reflection on the life of someone recently deceased.

Memory Card – Session Fourteen
In this session it was concealed in a chess piece. It can hold a wide variety of things from games to encryption data. Some are even used as keys that allow access to other games or programs.