Hellsing Order:01

Episode Review

As soon as the very first episode of Hellsing starts, viewers know they are in for a treat. The very first character we see is undoubtedly the coolest. He has everything you would ever want: a cool outfit, cool glasses, a cool attitude and an even cooler voice. This character, Alucard, is the apex of cool. Straight from the top of the show we see his first kill. No special powers, just a damn fine weapon and a nonchalant attitude.

Though the show could possibly thrive on the character of Alucard alone, Hellsing is nice enough to lend us a plot. A secret war between man and vampire has lasted centuries. Vampires roam the night while humans rule the day, with each force trying to subdue the other. Humans are currently in the lead thanks to The Hellsing Organization and its top agent Alucard. Alucard is no ordinary agent; he is a roamer of the night, a vampire. The first episode only mentions the fact that Alucard is under the complete jurisdiction of a human without going into any detail or back-story. In the first episode we see nearly all the main characters, everyone is introduced and the stage is set for the plot. This episode moves along at a steady click and is the ultimate hook for fans.

How does the art compare to the story? What story? I could watch the series for the art alone. Each character is crafted to reflect their personality. Integral is all dressed up in a suit and tie; Alucard has a loose bow and raggedy hair; and Seras keeps her uniform neat and eyes big. The background is a nice blend of hand-painted imagery and computer graphics, mostly two-color gradients. The only gripe I have was the ambient color, another computer generated effect. Nearly every shot of this episode has some sort of gradient overlay, and each one becomes more predominant with each viewing. Luckily, this isn’t what most viewers will be looking for and is never too much.

Good art would be nothing without great animation, right? Right! Animations are, for the most part, smooth like silk. Alucard has a couple of staggering animations that are intentional but distracting nonetheless. Nearly every scene is full of animations, some compute aided, that are vivid and flashy.

The music in Hellsing goes hand-in-hand with the animations. Hellsing’s music is currently one of my favorite things to listen to, along with Cowboy Bebop. Jazz, classical and contemporary mix together to create an original soundtrack that is pleasing to the ear. Alucard’s theme is my current favorite, although the hardest to find. Each scene gets its own music with only a few appropriately having none.

The accents of the voice actors do take a bit to get used to, especially after only seeing the series in Japanese. Seras has a nice accent but seems to lose it when the pace is fast. Alucard has nearly no accent and a great voice. His subtleness is fantastic even though his voice is firm. I eased right into Integral’s voice, no trouble there. Nearly all voice acting is well done in the first episode and goes well with the rest of the mix.



Probably one of fans’ most beloved parts, Arucard has a troublesome name. Pronounced “Alucard” within the series, but spelled “Arucard” during every credit sequence, dedicated fans everywhere squabble over the exact name of our vampire friend. The main argument: Alucard is Dracula backwards.

Alucard is the primary agent of the Hellsing Organization. A vampire and wanderer of the night, Alucard is under the strict control of Integra and her Organization. Why a vampire would serve a human is barely even touched upon in the first episode. Alucard’s main weapon is his gun: Hellsing ARM454 Casull Auto. A special handgun made by the Hellsing Organization especially for Alucard.

Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria was once a member of the D-11 London Police Department. Her teammates all called her “Kitten” because of her innocence and undying heart towards everything. She had once made a promise to not cry at a crime scene and is determined to lose the name Kitten. When given the choice of joining Alucard or dying, Seras decides to become a member of the Hellsing Organization. Seras is now the apprentice of Alucard, and under the command of Hellsing.

Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing

Daughter of the original Hellsing Organization founder, Sir Integral takes great pride in her work. Never anything but serious, Integral has trouble dealing with ignorant beings. This attitude is somewhat reflected in Alucard, though I cannot say who it originated in. Integral is currently the head of the Hellsing Organization and is in direct command of Alucard. Integral buries herself in her work and disregards all other personal matters.

Primary Target

Unnamed Clergyman (Priest)

On June 12, a priest was assigned to a small village name Cheddar. One month later, people began missing. The police were dispatched and reported dead the next day. A special police force, D-11, was sent to investigate and terminate the priest. Once that team failed, the Hellsing Organization was sent out and put one agent on the field. Mistakenly, the priest believes himself to be a high power vampire, and tries to kill Alucard with a legion of ghouls.