Hellsing Order:02

Episode Review

This episode of Hellsing is equal to the first. It has the same animations, the same art style and relatively, the same cast. The episode moves with continuity from the first. The thing I like best about the series so far is the way the script for each episode is handled. Every target is silenced and contained in one episode, no lingering ghouls. This is nice due to the fact that lengthened sections are more dramatic; they are sagas rather than conflicts.

The music in this episode is great. New melodies arise and old ones stop by to say hello. One of the humorous tunes is the very first one, and greatly contradicts the scene it is in. This is a good thing however, as the primary target’s attitude reflects why this music was chosen. Animation suffers from no form of awkwardness. Alucard is still badass and Seras is still adjusting to her surroundings. The art style looks a little funky in a few shots, but nothing too terrible. Overall, Club M was an excellent episode.



Walter is Sir Integral’s live in butler. Walter has been a retainer to the Hellsing Family since the days when Integral’s father was alive. He is a straightforward and clean kind of man. He reflects Integral’s firm attitude. Walter keeps himself neat and tidy at all times. Later in the series we see Walter’s powerful moves. Apparently, as he briefly mentioned this in this episode, he used to be a field agent himself and has since retired from that line of work.

Primary Target

Leif & Jessica

Jessica and Leif are vampires barely tainted by the curse. This means they are extremely weak. Over the past week they have been pillaging homes and killing entire families. After their murder, Leif and Jessica scrawl blasphemous sayings on the walls of the victim’s home. They believe that after nine more killings, they will become invincible and everlasting. . Alucard is perturbed that these lowlifes would stoop this low and dislikes their weakness. He even states: “They don’t make them like they used to”.