Serial Experiments Lain Glossary

A small machine that, once ingested, oscillates at a precise frequency causing the body to release a handful of chemicals and effectively causing one’s sense of time to be altered. People who consume this drug feel as if the world around them has slowed to a crawl while they, in contrast, are sharper and quicker.

Dance club particularly popular with people who frequent the Wired. The name for this club may have come from the title of a book by Douglas Rushkoff.

Hardware. Any tool used to connect/interface with the Wired.

Douglas Rushkoff
Author and professor who discussed the notion of a Global Brain or “Gaia” in a book titled: Cyberia. He is mentioned in Layer 9: Protocol.

Acronym for Earth Coincidence Control Office which was the name given by John C. Lilly to his theory stating that all coincidences are actually controlled by alien life forms.

A living being that has no soul. An assembly of organic parts put together by the hand of man and without divine intervention. i.e. Frankenstein’s monster.

John C. Lilly
Scientist who conducted a series of experiments on sensory depravation and drug therapy in an effort to measure their effect on human consciousness. The ultimate purpose was to discover a way to expand one’s consciousness. After abandoning his earlier studies, he gained some renown for his work on dolphin intelligence.

Also known as the KID system, was an experiment conducted by Professor Hodgson in the hopes of collecting PSI from several children. Although the experiment was technically a success (Prof. Hodgson found that PSI could not only be harvested from the children but also combined to create a force to be reckoned with), it proved fatal for the children and the project was shut down 15 years before the start of Serial Experiments Lain.

A secret society and powerful presence on the Wired. Although their intentions are never made completely clear it seems that they are subordinates of Eiri Masami who is using them to gain “believers” in the Weird. The are equivalent to a cult. In the series they are also referred to as “Knights of Eastern Calculus”.

A system of archiving and retrieving information that is analogous to human memory and therefore designed to aid it.

Abbreviation of Majestic-12. Rumoured organization formed by President Truman to investigate UFOs and the possibility of alien life contacting Earth. Allegedly formed in response to the Roswell Incident. Even within the UFO theorist community, the existence of MJ-12 is highly uncertain based on the questionable authenticity of the “MJ-12 Documents” made public in 1987 by William Moore and Stanton Friedman (UFO analysts) along with Jaime Shandera (TV producer) who received the materials from an anonymous source in 1984. Specifically, the signature of President Truman on Attachment A of the MJ-12 Documents was shown to have been copied from a different document.

Personal computers only slightly more advanced than the average PC. NAVIs (from the word navigation) come in desktop and handheld versions (similar to palm pilots) and are necessary to gain access to the Wired.

Short for Player Killer. A player killer is a person who enjoys killing off other player characters in online games (even when this is not the purpose of the game).

Set of rules or procedures used in programming especially when setting up networks.

Protocol 7
Protocol created by Eiri Masami which uses the Shuman resonance to connect the real world to the wired without the use of devices.

Mysterious and extremely rare computer chip which, when properly installed in a NAVI, allows one to connect to an interface without any exterior devices (it more or less allows you to communicate with the NAVI through thought). It’s origins are unknown but it is rumoured to be connected with the Knights.

Schumann Resonance
Put very simply, the resonance frequencies of the Earth’s electromagnetic field as measured by W.O. Schumann. 7.83 Hz (which is an average of several measurements) is the figure most often cited as the fundamental (base) Schumann Resonance frequency in that electromagnetic waves of that frequency can propagate extremely quickly with little attenuation around the planet within what is known as the Schumann Cavity (a thin membrane of non-conductive air between the surface of the planet and the ionosphere). Schumann Resonance frequencies fall in the range of 6-50 Hz.

A slightly more advanced version of the Internet. It could also be interpreted as a consensual hallucination (i.e. The Matrix). A group of individuals who’s consciousness is connected in some way.